Covid-19 Swansea Update

We are reporting updates on the Covid-19 situation in the Swansea area. In addition, we are also providing general information on how best to fight the pandemic.

Cetypyridinium chloride (CPC)

BBC reported on the 17th November 2020

Scientists at Cardiff University have found that mouthwashes may help prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Over-the-counter mouthwashes eradicated the virus when exposed to the virus in the laboratory. The most effective mouthwashes are those

containing at least 0.07% cetypyridinium chloride (CPC).

“Whilst these mouthwashes very effectively eradicate the virus in the laboratory, we need to see if they work in patients and this is the point of our ongoing clinical study,” he said.

The mouthwashes are very effective in eradicating the virus in the laboratory and a clinical trial is looking at whether it helps to reduce levels of the virus in the saliva of Covid-19 patients.  The trial is being conducted in hospitals in Cardiff and its results are expected early next year.

Follow this link to read the full BBCs article – Covid: Mouthwash ‘can kill virus in lab in 30 seconds’

Not all mouthwashes contain cetypyridinium chloride so check the list of contents before you buy.

This one does and 500ml is only 39p.cetypyridinium chloride mouthwash

The R Number

This is not a cure for Covid-19. However, it appears that it could help in reducing the spread of the virus. It is being reported (December 2020) that the current upsurge in the spread of the virus is between households. This could be a useful weapon in keeping the R number under control.

The R number tells us how many people are likely to get infected from a person who is ill with Covid-19. 

So if the R number is R2 – it means a sick person is likely to transmit the virus to two other people. This is how Covid-19 spreads. 

The lower the number the better – and under one is the aim. As restrictions are lifted, it leads to the R number rising.

So if R is 1 then on average 10 people infected with Covid-19 would pass it on to another 10 people. 

But if R is 0.8 then on average 10 people who have caught coronavirus would pass it on to eight others, and so on.

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