Gower Tourist Information

At Hill House, we don’t just hand out the standard tourist leaflets and advertising pamphlets produced by the local authority and commercial enterprises. Unlike others, we have gone to the trouble of producing our own tourist information for guests staying at Hill House.  This tourist information is contained in separate pages that we have categorised as follows;

Tourist Information with Hill House logo


Primarily outdoor activities, involving organised events, sports and leisure venues, etc.


Primarily indoor events, involving organised events, social activities, wedding venues, etc


Provide detailed information on local places of interest, history and people.,

General Information

Details of local shops, pubs, restaurants, tourist information, etc.


Anything that does not fit into the other four categories.

The information is designed to help you get the best out of your stay on the Gower Peninsula. We hope that you find this information informative, interesting, and helpful. Please let us know how we can improve these pages.

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Gower Surfing Schools

Gower Cycling Festival

Gower walking festival

Gower Golf Clubs


Gower beer festival

Gower Folk festival

Weddings in Gower

Entertainment and Culture


The Mumbles

Swansea Bay featured image

Gower Beaches

History of Swansea Jack

Gower Smugglers

Gower peninsula castles

General Information

Tourist information and Links

Dining out in Gower

Local Amenities



Video collection

Is this Bart Simpson?

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